"What is your Chiropractic IQ"

1. Chiropractic can benefit children? True

2. Chiropractic is only good for relieving back pain and headaches? False

3. Scientific research has shown that chiropractic can play a significant part in maintaining good health? True

4. It is possible to have a pinched nerve or herniated disc without pain? True

5. Evidence has shown that chiropractic can correct herniated discs? True

6. Chiropractors believe in treating problems with chiropractic first, drugs second, and surgery third? True

7. The curriculum at a chiropractic college is the same as at a medical college, but the emphasis is on body function (physiology) instead of pharmacology? True

8. Chiropractors realize that total health involves moving better, eating better and thinking better? True

9. Chiropractors treat the whole body instead of just the condition? True

10. Physical therapists and massage therapists do the same thing as chiropractors? False